Perfeck Strangers release Series Premiere

Perfeck Strangers, the combination of Dan-e-o and Promise released their first single together in the summer of 2010. “Work To Do” also featured an appearance from Drake.

In November of last year, they dropped the video for “Ghetto.”

This Tuesday, March 6th, marked the release of their full-length album on URBNET Records. Series Premiere features guest appearances from Justin Nozuka, Wordsworth, Lisa Banton and others. It is available now for download via Bandcamp page (link below).

Track Listing:
1. Perfeck (feat. Naya Marie)
2. Come Back Home (feat. Justin Nozuka)
3. Love Again
4. Ghetto
5. Stay Me (feat. Zeyon)
6. Dust To Dust (feat. Mike Alan)
7. Work To Do
8. Nothing (feat. Melissa Bathory)
9. Gonna Make It (feat. EmceeNemesis)
10. Dreams (feat. Wordsworth & Yonatan Watts)
11. True To You (feat. Naya Marie)
12. Reason (feat. Lisa Banton)

DOWNLOAD: Perfeck Strangers – Series Premiere (Bandcamp)

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