Adversaree & Phat Tony drop “Super Emcee” video and new EP

Adversaree and Phat Tony have released a new EP Tongues Uv Machetes 2: Enter Simon Barz Sinister. Phat Tony handles all production duties on the EP. Sporadic, DJ Thera P and DJ Grouch make appearances on the project.

The theme, this time around, is gathered around Simon Bar Sinister of the Underdog cartoon series from the 1960s. TUM2 promises dagger-style bars and villainous verses that lay over the street-thumping, hip-hop boom-bap of Phat Tony’s production. The Simon persona was taken by Adversaree as the villain in TUM2, this time around.

In addition to the EP, a video for “Super Emcee” has also been released and was directed by Big Sproxx.

DOWNLOAD: Adversaree & Phat Tony – Tongues Uv Machetes 2: Enter Simon Barz Sinister (Bandcamp)

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