Es releases new album


Es released his sophomore project, Aspire To Inspire.

“Aspire To Inspire” is my life’s motto. It is also a symbol of my journey… my growth…my progression. This record is a feel good inspirational and motivational collection of songs, intended to uplift anyone who has ever had to overcome adversity or odds stacked against them. It is an honest audio journal of my goals, dreams, successes, joys, failures and words of encouragement to all who can relate to my story…coming from a grown man’s perspective. The ability to inspire others to strive to be better is one of life’s ultimate rewards. Let’s “Aspire To Inspire”. Peace.

PURCHASE: Es – Aspire To Inspire (Bandcamp)

[Video] Es – Speak Up & Speak Out

“Speak Up & Speak Out” is the new video by Es from his album Feud For Thought. Directed by Robbie J and produced by IV The Polymath.

It is all about youth empowerment. This is the main theme of this song. “Think before you speak… think before you act… ’cause what goes around comes around”. Many of our young people make decisions on impulse. Too many dying prematurely. Too many falling victim to senseless violence. Too many winding up in the judicial system. Speak Up & Speak Out attempts to bring these issues to light.

DOWNLOAD: Es – Feud For Thought (Bandcamp)

Going Cray At The May – November 24 @ May

w/ Arcane, Philly Moves, Spesh K, Robots Wearing Sunglasses, Gee Wunder, Diaz, M.O., Capitol L, BBM, Hype, Es, Prolific, Duke Buzzy, DJ Afterthought, LC, ThaCapitalE

Saturday, November 24, 2012
@ MAY (876 Dundas St. W.)
Doors: 9 PM
Tickets: $5 | Brown Paper Tickets

Raps United Nation: Canadian Wave mixtape available now

New mixtape in the Raps United Nation series hosted by Billy Danze of M.O.P. and DJ Law. Features include Tona, Mezziah, The Antiheroes, Scandalis, Unknown Mizery and more.

Homegrown releases HG Mix Vol: 90’s mixtape

After releasing their debut album, Bin Doin This, last year, Homegrown (Introspect, Es, Lep & iNA) have followed that up with HG Mix Vol: 90’s. The mixtape pays homage to 90’s hip hop tracks from Souls of Mischief, Gang Starr, OutKast and Wu-Tang Clan. The video for “HG ‘Til Infinity” was released a few weeks ago.

DOWNLOAD: Homegrown – HG Mix Vol: 90’s (Bandcamp)