[Video] Talksick – Dungeon Rap (ft. T.R.A.)

As mentioned in the last post, Talksick has also released a video for “Dungeon Rap” featuring T.R.A. The track was produced by The Quarter Inch Kings.

The SARS Network’s Talksick is back with his new single “Dungeon Rap” alongside with his Dungeon Rap duo TRA Tha Rhyme Animal to bring you a straight verbal beat down.
In this video, Talksick takes you to the land of infinity, a white background video to display his lyrical skills without the distraction of glamor and glitz or video graphics, Talksick just wants people to listen. With the addition of TRA, these guys both take you on a lyrical roller coaster. “Dungeon Rap” was produced by the The Quarter Inch Kings and this video was shot & edited by Lyme Lyte Video.

[Video] T.R.A. – Greedy

T.R.A. releases a video for the Phat Tony-produced “Greedy” from his upcoming Crazy 8’s EP. The video was directed by Lyme Lyte Video.

In this video, TRA is expressing his frustration with music and the industry suppression, and thinks that it’s better to take matters into his own hands. “Greedy” is not about money, Greedy in this form is taking the game by storm and owning it, and that is exactly what TRA intends to do. TRA takes you to the Toronto Stock Exchange to present his message in “Greedy” produced by Phat Tony and filmed and edited by Lyme Lyte Video.

DOWNLOAD: T.R.A. – Greedy (Bandcamp)

[Video] Friday – MTL

“MTL” is a tribute to Friday’s hometown of Montreal. Produced by 5 Star Beatz and directed by Lyme Lyte Video.

Directed by Lymelyte Video, here is another video for one of the tracks off Friday’s Home But Not Free pt.3. Another track produced by 5 Star Beatz this is paying homage to Friday’s home town Montreal. Even with 17 years and counting in Toronto Ricky Dred’s heart is still in Montreal.

[Video] William Blankz – Johnny Boy

New video from William Blankz. Directed by Lyme Lyte Video.

In this video, William Blankz is faced with an everyday dilemma of his… His conscious! “Johnny Boy” is William Blankz alter-ego brought about by anger and frustration which is task for him to try and contain within himself. This video shows the battle he faces in between the two egos. Johnny Boy is produced by Daniel D, amd is on William Blankz upcoming project “Filling In The Blankz”.

[Video] Doumz – Battle Anybody

The SARS Network’s Doumz released his new video “Battle Anybody,” produced by The Quarter Inch Kings. The track appears on SARS 9: Quarantine.

The SARS Network Presents DOUMZ “BeastMODE” Battles Champion with the belt! Doumz has been very active in the battle scene with his eye on the prize, and wears it well. Doumz is a humble man that is very focus at his craft, with 9 – 0 record for proof.
In this video, Doumz is holding it down at the place it all happens BeastMODE’s Venue Jun Jun (374 College St, Toronto, ON), as well as spitting his bars in the staircase while brandishing his prize possession “The BeastMODE Belt”
This Song is featured on The SARS Network’s SARS 9 – Quarantine Produced by The Quarter Inch Kings, Visuals by Lyme Lyte Video.

DOWNLOAD: The SARS Network – SARS 9: Quarantine (Bandcamp)

[Video] TRA – Weaksauce

“Weaksauce” is the new video from TRA and his recently released album, Blunt Trauma. The song was produced by Phat Tony and the video done by Lyme Ltye Video.

In this video, TRA explains what really bothers him within the industry and the rap game and found an appropriate expression to sum it all up, “They’re WEAKSAUCE”. TRA & Friends try to avoid the stench of WeakSauce as its being prepared by the WeakSauce Coalition, A displeasing smell that can be sensed from miles away. TRA addresses the Coalition very ‘Blunt’, More appropriately, leaving them with “Blunt Trauma”.

DOWNLOAD: TRA – Blunt Trauma (Bandcamp)

[Video] Tekman – Pet Nor Powda

The SARS Network’s Tekman has released the video for his track “Pet Nor Powda,” which was produced by Alkota. The video was directed by Lyme Lyte Video.

In this video, Tekman brings his SARS anthem to life by explain to listeners and fans of The SARS Network that we are far from done. “Pet Nor Powda” a Jamaican expression for “No Playing Around” or better phrased… “No Joke Ting”. Tekman takes you to an underground tunnel to let you know that we are still crafting and getting ready for another verbal attack coming soon!

DOWNLOAD: Tekman – Pet Nor Powda (Bandcamp)

[Video] Caution Da Don – On The Corner

Last week we brought you Caution’s new single, “On The Corner.” Now it’s time for the video, which was directed by Lyme Lyte Video.

The SARS Networks “CAUTION DA DON” was born in Toronto, Ontario. Raised in Scarborough Caution aka “Smokeshow Jenkins” a name he acquired from his infinite knowledge of marijuana was raised in a wild life style of Rock & Roll, but Caution was more influenced by the sound of the street, Which was playing Hip Hop and Reggae in his Kennedy & Eglinton area.

In this video, Caution takes you to “Corner” to show you how he represents for the streets. Follow Caution Da Don as he makes his rounds across the city of Toronto taking you to landmark street corners that are known for the reputation of keeping it real. As well as he goes to the ScratchLab, Infamous Head Quarters for DJ Grouch for view some of his talents live. This song is made for the streets with smooth Production by The Quarter Inch Kings, Cuts By DJ Grouch and Video Directed by Lyme Lyte Video.

[Video] Footage from the Puzzle & Paradox album release party

The release party for the new album from Puzzle & Paradox took place on March 15th at Lambadina Lounge. Artists who performaed that night included Mike Divine, Billy Dee Millions, William Blankz and Caution Da Don in addition to the headliners for the night. The video above was filmed and edited by Lyme Lyte Video.