Goliath PAW releases Canary In A Coal Mine EP


Goliath Paw recently released his EP, Canary In A Coal Mine, which features production from Sinima Beats, Marcus Kane, SupaCrank It, Superstar 0 and Industry Rejectz.

Canary In A Coal Mine (EP) is a collection of songs written and recorded by Canadian urban artist Goliath PAW. This EP takes hiphop and combines it with a heavy pop and rock influence creating a unique sound and style all in its own. Each song promises a story for the listener to follow delivered alongside clever wordplay and a sense of humor. All songs are upbeat with the exception of “GetAway” a slower tune with a deep thought-provoking story. With concepts everyone can relate to, songs like “Weirdos Win” and “Higher” teach self confidence while “Buried Alive” deals with matters of the heart. The name “Canary In A Coal Mine” is an old saying which today translates to “warning.”

“By naming the EP “Canary In A Coal Mine” I am sending out a warning to the Hiphop world that I have come to change the way rap music is written, recorded, and heard!” – Goliath PAW

DOWNLOAD:Goliath Paw – Canary In A Coal Mine (DatPiff)