Gardener releases Pending


Gardener recently released his new LP, Pending, via iTunes. The 12-track album features appearances by Leftfield Keele, Christian Caldiera and Phoenix Pagliacci.

Gardener knows that, just like any sport, hip-hop athletes must adapt and grow with the game, or remain stagnant and get left behind. Gardener’s story-telling ability reflects the wealth of diverse experiences that he has to draw from. His drive to stay fresh leads him to experiment with different sounds, and mix melody with rap to create a sound the game has never heard before. Gardener’s passion is music and his instrument is his voice, but he is also a budding instrumentalist, and feels that understanding the craft of instrumentation is an integral part of his development as not just a rapper or musician, but as an artist. Gardener’s debut Pending culminates his latest works for receptive audiences.

PURCHASE: Gardener – Pending (iTunes)

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