Gee Wunder & T. Major release The Way We Live


Gee Wunder and T. Major have released the follow up to 2010’s Original Heads, The Way We Live. The project features appearances from Tommy Spitz, Tiggz, Set 2, Dusty Wallace, Eazyano, Hype, Nizell and Gina Simone.

1) “The Way We Live” (Intro) (Prod. T. Major)
2) “Can’t Hide” f. Tommy Spitz & Tiggz (Prod. T. Major)
3) “Everyday” (Prod. T. Major)
4) “We Good” f. Set 2 & Dusty Wallace (Prod. T. Major)
5) “How Will I Know” (Prod. T. Major)
6) “Ain’t No Stoppin Us” f. Eazyano & Hype (Prod. T. Major)
7) “Heaven” (Prod. T. Major)
8) “Livin It Up” f. Nizell & Gina Simone (Prod. T. Major)
9) “Story To Tell” (Prod. T. Major)
10) “Can’t Stop Now” (Prod. T. Major)
11) “I Can Do Anything” (Prod. T. Major)
12) “Be Nice” (OUTRO) – Set 2 x Gee Wunder (Prod. T. Major)

PURCHASE: Gee Wunder & T. Major – The Way We Live (iTunes)

Elcee releases LeoSoul and new video


Elcee drops his latest project and video.

Elcee drops us this summer project with production from Bonham Carter, Chan-AV, MKSB, Feo Trey, fluence, LEF7Y, A$$tronaut Beatz & MisterMack. Features include Ghost, Sese, Phee & T.Y.. LeoSoul caters to the ambitious dreamers of the new age with subject matter surrounding relationships, personal experiences & growth. Growth is something we all desire at some point in our life, regardless of what it is we are trying accomplish. If you have aspirations, self confidence, drive, etc. LeoSoul is for you, and inspired by you.

To go with the release of LeoSoul, Elcee has also given us visuals for Answer! Answer is the second single from Elcee’s just-released new album, LeoSoul. Over a warm, wavy synth line we’re treated to an inspirational reminder of the prizes hard work can reward us with. Featuring his signature blend of liquid-smooth R&B vocals and heavy, rapid-fire lyrics, this MisterMack produced jam is perfect for your breakfast toast all summer long.

DOWNLOAD: Elcee – LeoSoul (Bandcamp)

The Extremities release Instruments EP


Instruments is a new EP from The Extremities featuring Ghettosocks. The project also features appearances from Brandon Dramatic, Reks, Tona, MegaRan, Percee P and Relic.

PURCHASE: Es – Aspire To Inspire (Bandcamp)

NewBreedMC releases This Side Of Power EP


New EP from NewBreedMC featuring appearances from Wio-K, Natasha Waterman, SeAn Prominent and produced by Relic.

Toronto artist NewBreedMC teams up with Producer RELIC to bring you “This Side of Power”. This is NewBreedMC’s follow up project to a very successful mix tape release – “Your Mom Like My Mixtape”. The EP is blessed with some of Toronto’s most incredible artists and delivers true power on each cut.

DOWNLOAD:NewBreedMC – This Side of Power (Bandcamp)