BriskInTheHouse releases Tickets To The Roxy


New EP from BriskInTheHouse.

“Tickets To The Roxy” is the new project from Baker’s Club member BriskInTheHouse. Brisk’s intricate rhymes are accompanied by all original production from Tony Douglas, Lord Quest and BriskInTheHouse. Like the albums name (which is a reference to the 80s night club featured in Beat Street) the smooth jazz samples pay tribute to Hip Hop’s golden era.

Rob GF release Kites


Rob GF releases KITES, featuring appearances from Lincoln Blache, Raheem, J Rhymes and Roshin.

Toronto’s busiest up-and-coming rapper is releasing KITES, his first feature album today. KITES is studded with international production credits including Louisville, Kentucky’s Chaz Lamar, Sir Scratch (NY) as well as heavy hitters from Toronto like Damn Kids, Emerson Brooks and Beat Merchant.

Keysha Freshh releases Vanity EP


New EP from Keysha Freshh.

Vanity is a 8 track EP, with production from J Reid (credits : A-Game, P Reign, Freddie Gibbs, Zeyon, Ciara, Ryan Leslie and Skeme) and Ace from Tha Cirkus. Keysha reunites with Toronto producer Gunna (who was responsible for producing her first hit “Hollywood Fresh”) on the first single off of Vanity, called “Rewind, Undo”.

“It’s always love working with Steph J, hes one of my favorite people to work with period. He gets things done, he wants a good product, hes not afraid to tell me no, or lets try something different, I learn from him” – explains Keysha.

Features include Toronto up and comer Steph J, on “See nobody” and songstress Tanisha on the title track “Vanity”, both records produced by Ace.

“Im not a vain person at all, but if I were to be, this would be it. I say a lot of things that I was either afraid to before or things I just didn’t think people wanted to hear” – Keysha

DOWNLOAD:Keysha Freshh – Vanity (DatPiff)

Razz releases SimpliCity


SimpliCity is aa new EP from Razz.

After taking some time away from the mic for over a year, Razz is back with a new found energy and sound with SimpliCity. The 8 song E.P. defines his journey as an artist and his confidence in his music. Each song tells a different story and represents a certain location that has made an impact on his life and inspired certain moments. Toronto producer Savilion who after working closely with Razz was able to push the album in the direction he was looking for produces 6 out of the 8 songs. Savilion has been working with BLIS for the last several years and has been crucial for the growth of BLIS. Remy Perrin of Wavepulse Studios produced the two remaining songs “The Shore” and “Highway 28”. Unlike past releases from Razz, SimpliCity only features 2 other artists being Louisa Zhu and long time collaborator Calabru. The features on this project were not meant to outshine but rather to compliment the project as a whole! Razz has put together a project, which really reflects his journey and personality as a whole! SimpliCity offers the fans a mixture of feel good music with songs like All About That and Love The View as well as hard hitting Hip Hop influenced tracks like the Frank Sinatra sampled Here’s To You.

DOWNLOAD: Razz – SimpliCity (artist website)

Just John releases Metaborhythm


Fast Metaborhythm is the debut LP from 20-year-old Just John featuring production from ahKILO, Khoazy (LAX), Jeremy Rodney-Hall, Nana Bates, Andy Atlanti$ (MIA) and DeltaSt8.

With much anticipation for the project throughout the year, Toronto rapper, Just John is proud to present to you his debut LP, Fast Metaborhythm. The work spans across 15 tracks, noting featured assistance from artist like Kira Ilona and RMNGNT, the record serves to be a very colorful display.

DOWNLOAD: Just John – Fast Metaborhythm (DatPiff)

Paper Plates and Jay Bee release Bachelor Of Arts


Bachelor Of Arts is a collaborative effort between Norwich, UK rapper Paper Plates and Toronto producer Jay Bee.

The project is themed around the experience of graduating university and what follows. “It questions what I’m suppose to do now,” explains Paper Plates. “Not being able to put all my eggs in one basket with music but at the same time not passionate about anything else.”

DOWNLOAD: Paper Plates – Bachelor Of Arts EP (Bandcamp)

The Nope (Psy & Moka Only) release Sinus EP


The Nope (Psy of The Oddities & Moka Only) have released their new EP, Sinus, via URBNET. The EP, which was actually released January 31st, features 10 tracks, including an appearance from Korry Deez on “Keep Wide.”

In an era where most hip-hop artists claim to ‘break new ground’ or ‘challenge the boundaries’, yet more often than not only deliver on diluted retreads of stale rap clichés, Canadian/American duo The Nope (Psy of the Oddities and Moka Only) offer a different approach: they drop all pretence of treading new waters. As The Nope emcee Psy shares, “We’re exactly the same as every other music group you’ve ever heard before. So, prepare for absolute boredom.” For once, a rapper tells the truth.

The Nope is at best reactionary, their subversiveness a mere academic contrivance. Purported Dadaists, Psy and Moka Only claim to be “anti-everything,” crafting songs about “whatever we feel at the time.” And with tracks like “Mickey D’s”, an opus on eating at the imperialist Golden Arches chain three days in a row while recording, or another entitled “Chant’n’Sing”, where Moka confides that, after airing woman troubles, “I can understand why some of yall want to pee on ’em man,” the claim of speaking what is on their mind in unguarded fashion is not to be questioned.

Yet, I don’t know if it is to be lauded either, even if it makes troubled RnB crooners sympathetic. Sometimes naked honesty can amount to a case ‘When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong’, rather than a nuanced artistic declaration. Though, in fairness, how a listener views the duo depends on whether he or she takes The Nope serious. The Nope creates feel-good nonsense, mood-music hearkening to a bygone era when acts like Ultra Mag and Y’all So Stupid had a rightful place. And Psy and Moka’s talents shine, regardless of whether their gifts are realised on material of any depth or significance.

Instead, Moka’s soulful off-kilter production and Psy and Moka’s playful lyricism and nimble rhyme-schemes recall the creative lightheartedness of early-to-mid 90s hip hop, except without Jurassic 5 or Ugly Duckling-like anachronism.

DOWNLOAD: The Nope – Sinus EP (Bandcamp)

Gee Wunder releases Record Mode LP


Gee Wunder released his 13th full-length project in the last 6 years with Record Mode, which is his 2nd “studio” album in that period. Featured artists include Cory Lee, Trish, Anonymous Twist and Haze P., the latter two having also produced the tracks they appear on. Other production credits belong to Barrols, Snaz, DT Tallaz, Shy Juelz, BSG to The World and Xavier along with Gee himself.

PURCHASE: Gee Wunder – Record Mode (iTunes)