[Video] Dan-e-o and L.I.U. performing at #BIGTICKET

Video of Dan-e-o and L.I.U. performing “Grab A Cloud” at #BIGTICKET in November.

This video captures Dan-e-o’s live performance of the track “Grab A Cloud” featuring his protégés, the duo L.I.U. (Slick Mason & Conwell). Shot by Godwill Entertainment, the performance of this track was part of an incredible 45-minute set in celebration of the release of Dan-e-o’s new “Inevitable” album on URBNET Records. The release party for the LP went down inside a packed Velvet Underground in downtown Toronto as part of the city’s top monthly hip-hop event, #BIGTICKET on November 8, 2013.

[Video] Footage from the Puzzle & Paradox album release party

The release party for the new album from Puzzle & Paradox took place on March 15th at Lambadina Lounge. Artists who performaed that night included Mike Divine, Billy Dee Millions, William Blankz and Caution Da Don in addition to the headliners for the night. The video above was filmed and edited by Lyme Lyte Video.

[Video] Eternia and Tara Chase perform at Honey Jam

Via Eternia’s YouTube page:

Toronto, Feb. 3 – In Honor of Black History Month, Kuumba Festival & The Harbourfront Centre was host to The Honey Jam’s “Then & Now” Alumni Bash. What a night! Hosted by Canadian Hip Hop Legend Michie Mee, the event featured Honey Jam alumni performing tribute songs while paying homage to inspiring black female artists. Featured artists included Jully Black, Jemeni, Belinda Brady, DJ Melboogie, Kellylee Evans, Kim Davis, True, Motion, Natasha Waterman, Saidah Baba Talibah, and Eternia, who surprised the audience by bringing out Tara Chase – a Canadian Rap Legend who is rarely seen on stage these days – to perform her DJ Mercilless produced tribute to Canada, “The Northside”.