Canadian Kush Vol. 2 mixtape hosted by JD Era

New mixtape from and DJ Rated R. Canadian Kush Vol. 2 is hosted by JD Era.

1. Canadian Kush Vol.2 (Intro)
2. JD Era – Smoking Good (Prod. Lex Luger)
3. Big Frost – Kush In A Jar (Prod. Navraj Beats)
4. Cokekey$ Cartel feat. Sha Hustle & Propain – Purple Kush (Prod. J. Reid)
5. Kill’Em Kazz – Reefah (Prod. Cookz)
6. G Swag feat. JDK & Young Grove – Light & Roll Up (Prod. Chemist)
7. The Twinz (MK Ultra) – Pyed Up (Prod. Diamond Factory Studios)
8. B Dubb Soz – Merry Go Round (Prod. DJ Burn One)
9. Victor Numan feat. Big Lean & Harvey Stripes – Top Of The Class (Prod. Brawl Beats)
10. Barz Bently feat. G-Lock – 4 & A Baby (Freestyle)
11. Tory Lanez – Shot Caller (Freestyle)
12. Young Cake feat. Jaydahmann – On My Grind (prod. Heavy Weight Bangers)
13. C-Flowz – Hotels (Prod. Beat Zombies)
14. Richie Stacks – Cash Out (Prod. Pushaboy)
15. JD Era – Yoga Flame (Prod. Lex Luger)
16. K-Fresh – Tell DJ Khaled (Prod. Justinkredible)
17. MDeezy – Picture Perfect (Prod. LG Toronto)
18. Louis B feat. Luu Breeze – Wise Guys (Prod. Bass Line)
19. eBANA – Win Or Die (Prod. The Workx)
20. Jixx feat. Strezz One & Mr. Air Canada – No Dayz Off (Prod. Track Godz)
21. D. Waterz feat. S.O.J. – Round 19 (Freestyle)
22. Golden Chile – Back 2 The Streets (Prod. Pikihead Productions)
23. Mic Gutz – To The Top (Prod. T.Major)
24. Trae Deuce – Real Hip-Hop (Freestyle)
25. Shampain – Talk (Prod. Fonz)
26. Richie Stacks – Trappin (Freestyle)
27. Murda Marz – Street Nigga (Prod. LG Toronto)
28. Canadian Kush Vol.2 (Outro)

DOWNLOAD: Canadian Kush Vol. 2 (DatPiff)

Tory Lanez drops new mixtape

Tory Lanez has released his new mixtape, Sincerely Tory. Most of the production is handled by Tory Lanez himself with input from Cyllistic, Tokyo Monster, C.Dara and Chemist.

1.Sincerely Tory (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
2.Apartment 310 (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
3.Sextasy (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
4.Stupido (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
5.Warchild (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
6.Carolina High (Prod by Tory Lanez)
7.The Doowop Kid (Interlude) (Prod by Tory Lanez)
8.Friday The 13th (Prod by Tory Lanez & Tokyo Monster)
9.Blame My Ex (Co Prod Tory Lanez)
10.Im Gone Have It (Interlude)
11.Remembrance Day (Prod by Tory Lanez & Tokyo Monster)
12.Stolen Hearts (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
13.Wings (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
14.High Notes (Prod by Tory Lanez & C.Dara)
15.Highschool Memories (Prod by Tory Lanez & Chemist)
16.Stripclub Las Vegas (Bonus) (Prod by Tory Lanez)
17.On a F cking Lean (Prod by Tory Lanez)
18.Shut Up (Bonus) (Prod by Chemist & Tory Lanez)
19.The Morning After (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
20.You Shouldnt Have (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)

DOWNLOAD: Tory Lanez – Sincerely Tory (DatPiff)