Sandy Pearlman & Bones release debut album, 2D


Sandy Pearlman and Bones are a producer/rapper duo who have just released their debut LP, 2D.

2D is a culmination of all our hard work since we formed Sandy Pearlman & Bones in 2012. IT consists of ten entirely new tracks, as well as “The Pearls & Bones EP” rerecorded and remastered. All the instrumentals are original compositions by Sandy Pearlman and all the verses are original lyrics by Bones, and occasionally Sandy or a guest. The guests on the album are all artist we respect, admire and had a great time working with. All in all, 2D is an entirely original album that pushes the envelope of genre, style and technique, creating a unique body of work that defines Sandy Pearlman & Bones.

DOWNLOAD: Sandy Pearlman & Bones – 2D (Bandcamp)