I Want My Name Back! (Canadian Premiere)

TIFF Bell Lightbox will be hosting an evening with the original members of The Sugarhill Gang on Wednesday, February 16th at 8 pm. The night will be the Canadian premiere of the documentary about the group titled, I Want My Name Back!

Speaking during the night will be director Roger Paridiso, producer Josh Green and The Sugarhill Gang, who will also be performing. The evening will be hosted by Cameron Bailey and Dalton Higgins. Tickets to the event are $18.75 and are available on the TIFF website.

Legendary rap group The Sugarhill Gang changed the face of the music industry with their iconic 1979 release “Rapper’s Delight,” which brought hip hop to the mainstream and remains to this day the biggest-selling single in hip hop history. However, in one of the biggest swindles in music history (which is saying something), the platinum-selling group not only had their profits and publishing rights stolen from them by their mob-financed label Sugar Hill Records, but their names as well: the label took founding members Wonder Mike and Master Gee’s names off of recordings that they wrote and performed, and even trademarked the group name — and Wonder Mike and Master Gee’s own stage names — by providing false documents. Featuring testimony from fellow artists, music-industry insiders, fans, music journalists and the original members of The Sugarhill Gang themselves, I Want My Name Back chronicles Wonder Mike and Master Gee’s thirty-year battle with Sugar Hill Records to reclaim their rights and recognition as hip hop pioneers.

Info: TIFF