TFHOUSE releases Young Desperado mixtape


Young Deperado is the third mixtape from TFHOUSE, who produced 6 of the project’s 9 tracks. The remaining songs were produced by Omari Jabari (2) and Cristometh & Danshan. Guest appearances are made by Tre Mission, Devon Wilson and Kendal Thompson.

DOWNLOAD: TFHOUSE – Young Desperado (Hulkshare)

Diaz’ Full Canvas Collection mixtape

“MOVE’s excited to announce that Diaz’s ‘Full Canvas Collection’ is now finished and available for free download. While he works to finish his full length LP, here is a collection of tracks that didn’t quite make the cut. Included are some original joints with production from Fresh Kils, Phizzix, and Millz and some of this era’s dopest industry beats”

1. Then and Now (prod. Phizzix)
2. You Ain’t a Killer (reprint)
3. Trouble On My Mind (reprint)
4. Pen and Pad (prod. Millz)*
5. Bird On a Wire (reprint)
6. Moneymaking (feat Ellis Dea, prod.Trinity Hellwoods)
7. Smoke Break (intervention, prod. Phizzix)
8. Speed Up (reprint)
9. You Got Me (reprint, feat. Kendal Thompson)
10. Common Knowledge (reprint)
11. Believe In Make Believe (reprint)
12. Nadie Como Yo (feat. Chikago, prod. Fresh Kils)
13. Boom Biddy Bye Bye (reprint, feat. M.O.S.T. from Code Blue)
14. The Beat Goes On (feat. The Abyss and Phizzix, prod. Phizzix)

DOWNLOAD: Diaz – Full Canvas Collection (Bandcamp)