[Video] Grimace Love – Tell Dem (ft. Wio-K & Degazity)

Directed by Andre Rehal.

Grimace Love releases TELL DEM as the third official release off of his upcoming album entitled, Strength. This song features Jamaican-Canadian veteran emcee Wio-K and up and coming triple threat T Dot artist Degazity. TELL DEM is the perfect blend of hip hop and foundation roots reggae, creating a sound that is distinctly Toronto. All of the artists on the track are first generation Canadians displaying their strong Caribbean, West-Indian influences on the song. In addition the music video for TELL DEM was shot at the 2014 Caribana parade in Toronto and was directed by Andre Rehal and produced by Bruce Carson for Worked Films. TELL DEM is a powerful record and the song and video are packed with Caribbean content and visuals that truly represent the T Dot!

[Video] Grimace Love – Burnt Bread (ft. Lancecape)

New video from Grimace Love for the Lancecape-produced “Burnt Bread.” Directed by Jojo Karume.

Grimace Love effortlessly unleashes his inner beast over a hard hitting, horn driven rhythm. From top to bottom it’s nothing but jabs and upper cuts. And just when you think it’s done? He slaps you with a hard hitting hook to the kidneys. Grimace will prove in just three minutes, that you cannot place him in a box on some consciousness tip. He is aggressively attacking the scene with an impeccable flow and knockout lyrics. Once again showing the world how multifaceted he truly is.

[Audio] Wio-K – Remembrance Day (ft. Grimace Love & Moorish Emcee) (prod. Lancecape)


New music from Monolith’s Wio-K featuring Grimace Love and Moorish Emcee (aka Prhyme).

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DOWNLOAD: Wio-K – “Remembrance Day” (Soundcloud)

Monolith releases Return To The Classics Vol. 1.5


Return To The Classics Vol. 1.5 is a follow up to Lancecape’s Vol. 1 that was released in the spring. 1.5 features Monolith emcees spitting over classic samples from Curtis Mayfield to James Brown to Iron Butterfly.

DOWNLOAD: Monolith – Return To The Classics Vol. 1.5 (AudioMack)

[Audio] David McCallum – The Return (ft. Grimace Love) (prod. Lancecape)


It’s Monday so that means a new track from Lancecape.

In typical Lancecape fashion he completely flips this sample. The David McCallum
sample is known to most people as Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode”. That song itself was a monster hit. It was only right for Lancecape to chop this sample up. He took it to a different space and time. Underwater/bass heavy drums, and the sample flipped into a double time almost bollywood type feel. Something to show the world that he isn’t just a boom bap producer.

Lancecape got one of the craziest MC’s he knows to rock on this. Grimace Love is a name you shall never forget. He went in and destroyed the beat. 36 bars of craziness. From top to bottom, Grimace Love flips his flow to accompany the rhythm. With a lyrical prowess that is not to be taken lightly. He is in a league of his own and nobody could have done justice to this beat the way Grimace Love did.

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DOWNLOAD: Lancecape – The Return (Soundcloud)

Lancecape drops Always Fresh! LP

Lancecape released his new LP Always Fresh! earlier this week and if you get ready quickly, the release party is actually taking place tonight at The Rivoli. The album is available via digital download or as a limited edition cassette.

Lancecape is no stranger when it comes to beats. He has been perfecting his production skills for roughly 15 years. Having produced bangers for the likes of Frank N Dank, Rapper Big Pooh, Keith Murray, AG and Cannibus he has gained ground in the global beat circuit.

Always Fresh Features tracks with Nish Raawks & Dj Grouch, Octavio Santos, Korry Deez & G-Spot, J Shiltz Rapper Pooh & Ray Robinson and Grimace Love.

PURCHASE: Lancecape – Always Fresh!

[Video] SepTO – Dreaded Fist Refix (ft. XP)

Here is SepTO’s video for “Dreaded Fist,” which is a remix of the classic Rascalz track. It was released SepTO’s 12 Days of Xmas, so I’m a few days late in posting it, but better late than never. The other days are listed below as well.

Day 1 – Really Living (ft. Dan-e-o, Grimace Love & Wio-K)
Day 2 – Bacardi Slang
Day 3 – On This Mic
Day 4 – Best I Ever Had (ft. Brotha J)
Day 5 – Talk That Talk (ft. C-Det)
Day 6 – Piling Papers (ft. Korry Deez)
Day 7 – Ms. Educated
Day 8 – New Time Killin (ft. Fresco P, Ashton Martin & Brotha J)
Day 9 – In This Town (ft. Dan-e-o & Grimace Love)
Day 10 – NevR Left (prod. Rich Kidd)
Day 11 – Dreaded Fist Refix (ft. XP)
Day 12 – Nevera Evera Live